John loves his dog Jolene (pictured) his wife Christine (not pictured), and taking pictures. The order of this list is subject to change. 

Looking at pictures, moving and still, gave way to taking them after buying his first "good camera" in 1992 while stationed in Japan. When not on duty, he could be seen running up and down the flight deck of the USS Independence taking pictures of... everything.  "Most of the guys spent their pay on booze and tobacco. I spent mine on film." His next station brought him to Lemoore, CA and a new passion was born. Bull riding. "I can say I rode bulls for a few years, but have too much respect to ever say I was a Bull Rider." Unfortunately, his love for riding didn't match his talent for making money at it, but rodeo dug its spurs in deep and remain today.  
"A good rodeo snap can highlight the tradition, grit, glory, individualism, teamwork, sacrifice and romance involved in each event. I hope to capture that with each twitch of my twitchy finger." 
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